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So Kanye West’s, yet to be released (we were supposed to start seeing pieces in the beginning of 09), clothing line, Pastelle appears to be on twitter and facebook. I’m not exactly sure which, if either, of these are official. However, the facebook fan page offers up several questions about how the line should be released. Whether these pages are official or not I still felt the need to offer up my two cents on the matter. If you didn’t know, I’m extremely confident in the fact that I should be the creative director for a clothing  and/or sneaker line (only those on my approved list). I’m still waiting on my call from Ralph or Marc (strictly first name bases lol). With that being said, here are my answers to the following posed questions:

Where should the first pastelle stores be opened?

Chicago (duh)

What would you guys like to see most on the line?

Kanye is known for his trend setting styles, which the line should reflect. The accessories must be on the next level; belts, change wallets, scarves, bags, ties, even socks. Plus, we must have jackets: varsity(#1 priority), members only styled, motorcycle, bombers, and even do it up on the, always classic, jean jacket (with some good accessories).

Trying to think of ways that the clothing line should be released. What ya’ll think?

Not related to the question: Don’t use broken English when you’re sending out questions or information to mass amounts of people, especially people who you want to buy something from you.

Once again, you have to do it with the accessories. Not everybody gets that accessories are what they need to make the fit, so make them understand. For the first release of tees or whatever is coming out first you get a bag (preferably), belt, scarf or something in a package deal, but this is, of course, in limited numbers. Everyone will be trying to get that bag and those who didn’t get it will be trying to buy it on Ebay. People will be lined up across the city, because no one gives deals anymore on clothes, when we all know we’re paying like 200% mark up. Also, lets keep the prices Macy’s, not Neiman, we already have a BBC line we can’t afford.

When people start lining up for new releases don’t just leave them out there. Serve some doughnuts or muffins, go talk to the crowd, take pics and put them up on the site, do raffles or something. We all know that people are going to spend money based off the hype of Kanye. However, you want to be more than a hype, be a brand (don’t steal that line).

That’s my two cents…….What do you think?

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