Mission: Get EmmanueLabor Hired

Alright, so if you haven’t heard, I am on a mission to get EmmanueLabor hired by Nike, as he rightly deserves. This is the  Get EL Soon campaign and I need your participation in order to make sure this goes through successfully. Nike has an email address where they take idea submissions. The idea is to flood Nike with as many Get EL soon cards as we possibly can so that they cannot continue to overlook or ignore the works of one of the best customizers of our time. So here’s the info….

Send this letter in the body of your email:

To whom it may concern:

While your health is very important, this is not a get well soon card. It’s a “Get EL Soon” card. EL is EmmanueLabor a sneaker customizers whose talents for customization and reconstruction reach far beyond anything any other customizer on the planet can even attempt to do. He has single handedly revolutionized the custom sneaker industry, setting the precedent for customizers all over the world (yeah, that’s right, the world!).

For nearly ten years EmmanueLabor has dominated the underground sneaker culture with his intricate, hand-made, designs, leaving sneaker lovers everywhere in awe. For both designing and wearing purposes, Nike is and has always been his sneaker of choice. He has not limited himself to one style of Nike, but continually pushes the bar with different variations and styles of shoes within the Nike brand. He has recreated existing models and even created one of a kind hybrid models. His innovation and creativity cannot be over-looked or ignored. It would be like not noticing it’s raining or snowing.

With such a great talent on top of his dedication and loyalty to your brand EmmanueLabor deserves a chance at being a contracted artist for Nike. Just as if you didn’t open your umbrella when it was raining or put on a coat when it was snowing, you cannot afford to ignore him and pretend he’s not one of, if not the, most awesome sneaker customizers around. It’s just common sense.

Samples of EmmanueLabor’s work can be seen through listed links below. Thank you.


-Loyal Nike Customer





…with this attachment:

Get EL Soon Logo

…To this email address:


….and you can even snail mail the letter here:

Nike, Inc.
Idea Submissions
One Bowerman Drive DF 4
Beaverton, OR 97005

There will be postcards available soon….LET’S GO!

Please leave a comment stating that you’ve sent a Get EL Card here.


  1. EL that dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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