I’m Linked In, Now What?

I’ve been on Linked In for a minute now and I’ve made quite a few connections that seem worth having and that can be valuable resources if used appropriately. If you don’t know what Linked In is it’s basically a social network for business and career connections. It’s to help you advance within your chosen field or even outside of it by allowing you to connect with individuals who are involved within the industry. Maybe you’re looking for a career change, a better job, or someone to assist in a new business venture who may know more or have more available resources. Whatever the case, Linked In is supposed to be the mediator between you and otherwise unavailable connections. But how do you use it?

Where do you begin to benefit from these connections? Is it like hey, here’s my resume hook me up or If you’re not too busy I’d like to discuss a few ideas with you or let me know when when there’s an opening becuase I’d love to work for ….whoever or I hate my job I really wanna do this? I’m trying to figure out how to make this thing useful and in the best way. In one of my previous posts I mentioned I’m not afraid to help a potential or up and coming brand. However, in my experience, excluding some of my fellow customizers, people who have the resources and knowledge aren’t so quick to assist you in establishing yourself as a newcomer in the game. So, is there some format to follow or something you have to prove first?

I’ve found a couple of articles on the subject but, nothing that really gives the kind of information I’m looking for, if that information exists:

How to Get the Most Out of Linked In

20 Ways to Use Linked In Productively

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