Fila and Grant Hill Drinks Sprite!

I’m always talking about Jordan’s and that’s fine and great, but that’s not all there is to sneakers. Growing up in the 90’s I loved ALL sneakers. I actually didn’t even own very many pairs of Jordan’s anyway. One of the best pairs of shoes of the 90’s were the Grant Hill 1’s. They were released in 1995 and being from Michigan, I was huge Grant Hill fan. Go Pistons! (well go old Pistons who used to win). I had tons of Kids Sports Illustrated posters of Grant Hill on my walls. I still say “Grant Hill drinks Sprite” right now and I ONLY drank sprite as a kid (dead serious).

I really liked the lo’s better than the hi’s. Those were the ones I owned in white, black and red. For some reason I got it in my head that I should wear them with my Jordan 45 jersey. I rocked that look hard. Later someone asked why I was wearing Grant Hill’s with a Jordan jersey and then it occurred to me that, aside from color, they didn’t really go together. But, whatever man….. I was killing it with my little kid style. They were just mad becuase they didn’t have either. Boom!

If these shoes ever retro I’m definitely going to get a pair. I’m determined to acquire all of my favorite childhood sneakers and the Grant Hill 1’s are high on the sneaker priority list.

….and yes the Phoenix beating Dallas (respect to Jason Kidd) tonight inspired this post. GRANT HILL DRINKS SPRITE!


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