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steve-jobs-home-run-quality-quoteI got a message on my ebay site today asking why shipping was so high for the Tecknicolor X Breezy Hampton bracelets. First off, I don’t think $5 is high for shipping, so I’m not exactly sure what the real basis behind the question is. However, I’m always open to constructive criticism and I like when challenges arise,  because I see them as opportunities to get better and work smarter.

photo1gg photo2benI responded and after I did I realized that the reason I gave was one that needs to be emphasized more in my branding/marketing/advertising efforts. I’ve blogged about it and featured pics on social networks about my packaging, but I don’t know if I’ve actually ever explained why the amount of energy I put into the small details are so important.

photojun22181445It’s pretty simple really. You can buy a shirt (a bracelet in this guys case) from anyone. So, why choose to buy mine? What makes my product better than any other persons? I believe the answers to those questions cane make or break a brand. I don’t want to just have random customers who liked a design once upon a time, that’s not conducive with a lasting brand or brand loyalty. I want people to know that I’m always thinking of ways to give them a better product and the best experience with Tecknicolor.

photoaug10162249To show the appreciation I have for people believing in Tecknicolor enough to spend their hard earned cash on it I go the extra mile in my packaging and presentation. Everybody loves getting gifts and I want my customers to feel like it’s Christmas every time they open up a package from Tecknicolor. Most often each shirt comes in packaging that matches the theme of the shirt and usually includes some sort of gift or souvenir. Impersonal business is old school and not very relevant in this day and age. So, I also include hand written letters to each and every person that purchases something from the brand. photomar20170333I run this business with little to no help from anyone else. It’s just me investing the time, money and effort into making Tecknicolor a success. So, this seemingly elaborate form of packaging is a lot of work and takes more time to get shipped out than if I just threw a shirt in an envelope, but it’s worth it. The response I get back from customers is astounding and has allowed me to gain loyal customers who keep coming back for the high quality service that is missing in a lot of today’s businesses.

So, to answer that question about the $5 shipping cost, the value encased with the shirts I ship out is much grater than the actual price of the shirt or shipping. Purchasing from Tecknicolor is more than just paying for a shirt, it’s paying for a brand experience like no other and I hope that you all appreciate the extra effort.

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