ABC Nightline’s Sneakerhead Segment

Nightline featured a segment that was supposed to introduce sneaker culture and its many fascists to the country. However, I really don’t like this segment. It’s great that sneaker culture got highlighted on a national level, but my issue is the light that the culture was shown in. We’re not all a bunch of resellers making $1500 on a pair of shoes. I understand that side of the sneaker world exists and I can respect another persons hustle to a degree, but I don’t want the public to think I’m sitting on thousands of dollars at any given time because they now associate sneakerheads with having lots of money. They mention the violence that has been associated with sneakers and that’s a valid point, but in the very same segment they claim sneaker heads are all making thousands of dollars. I think that was little irresponsible; The first problem is it just isn’t true, but the other is that they didn’t consider those of us who are actually in the culture and the kind of negative repercussions that could occur based on the idea that we all have money. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that.

Heskicks does a great job at summarizing what I believe is probably most sneaker collectors take on the segment. What do you think?

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