Fila 95’s: The Original Grant Hill’s

Grant Hill 95sI can’t begin to explain the excitement that I felt when I looked at the internet buzz surrounding the re-release (I guess FILA tries to stay way from the word “retro”) of the Grand Hill 95’s. I had the low version of these shoes as a kid. The colorway was white black and red and even though it was a fashion faux pas, I would wear them with my Jordan 45 jersey (which I still have), not Grant Hill’s. Based on the full and detailed memory I have of my experience with the GH 95’s you can guess this has been one of my most sought after pair of sneakers for quite a few years.

fila-95-grant-hillIf you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my mini rant that was fueled when my extreme excitement for these shoes came crashing down. I realized (yes this was due to lack of keeping up) after the drop that the Grant Hills were not released in GS sizes. My ever so small feet have yet again been shunned by the sneaker industry that I both hate and love. So all I will be able to do is watch other enjoy the Granthillian bliss that is the 95’s (who decided to name them the year, they’re the Grant Hill 1’s), while I bask in my own self pitty/scour Ebay until I can find something that is available and feasible in my size.

Oh Fila why hast thou forsaken me!!!!!!!!! You can buy them in your size still and rub it in, just click the word Fila.

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