What does Fake Gucci, Cam’ron, & Sneakers Equal?

Gucci Sneaker Shirt GreyAs I was doing research for an upcoming project I discovered these kids Gucci sneaker shirts. First of all I think this is a pretty well executed design that could’ve actually been a part of the adult line. However, I didn’t just see the concept that it was created because it’s a fun graphic tee that resonates with kids. I saw how it’s really a testament to how much the sneaker/street culture influences mainstream fashion and pop culture.

Gucci ForcesBack in the early 2000’s custom kicks were huge. So many people were trying to get themselves a pair of Gucci Air Force One’s. While I don’t think Gucci has ever sold or authorized the selling of their custom monogram fabric, it didn’t stop the trend from spreading like crazy. Gucci probably spent a lot of time suing as many people as they could find using their logo, but I don’t remember them ever releasing a sneaker t-shirt or anything that would’ve capitalized on the hype during the height of the monogrammed fad. It’s interesting that they’ve jumped on the bandwagon and released a sneaker shirt now, when this new wave of sneaker obsession has surfaced as a major trend.

Nick Cannon - Love Don't Cost a Thing(that’s actually Fendi in this pic, but you get the point)

It’s interesting because when we think of the stars winning in the sneaker trend right now, Gucci doesn’t come to mind. They’re trying to get a slither of the sneaker pie today, but If they had stopped fighting the Gucci sneaker obsession of the early 2000s, (they weren’t the only ones as you can see with Fendi) they could have possibly been among the leaders of, not only the sneaker craze, but also the return of the 2000 era’s trends that have been flooding the street wear scene lately.

Camron SocksThese custom Cam’ron Nike Elite socks were easily selling for over $100 on Ebay after the RIF-LA drop back in May

How much smarter it would’ve been for Gucci to have seen the hype as a compliment back then and cashed in on it. Even better…. how dope would it have been if they had gotten Cam’ron as an official spokesperson for their first ever street wear inspired line. Could you imagine the kind of Cam’ron products that would’ve have been released back in 2003?

Godly Camron JerseyThis tribute to Killa-Cam sold out the first week it was released, but they’ve restocked on Godly’s site

Camron Gucci VisorIf Gucci had seen the possibilities in the streets obsession with them back then, perhaps the song wouldn’t have been called Versace. Maybe they would’ve been the go-to company for all throwback Cam’ron gear in 2013 when it became popular again. Maybe they would have us scouring Ebay for an overpriced Cam’ron X Gucci original that’s been sold out for months. Maybe all these smaller brands would be, once again, copying them and the fashion standard they set. If Gucci had been smart they’d be one of the leaders of the sneaker and 2000s throwback trend. However, they weren’t so smart and now they’re just making a lame (and late) attempt at jumping on the sneaker fueled bandwagon with a couple of tees in kids that will probably never catch on. It never be worn by adults let alone celebrities…. and most importantly it will never be worn by Killa Cam

So what does Fake Gucci, Cam’ron and Sneaker equal? It should’ve equaled a great marketing campaign and millions of dollars.

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