Are the Kobe 9 Elite’s a Joke?

217949-3-007.psdI understand that Kobe must have a shoe that will compliment his physical capabilities, but not every single aspect of a players career needs to be represented or emphasized in their sneaker design. Capitalizing on Kobe’s Achilles sutures, from his surgery, as a key selling point for a basketball shoe is not a good idea.

I honestly believe that Nike was attempting to use strengthening of the ankles as the focal point of this sneaker, which makes perfect sense for a basketball shoe. However, with Kobe’s injury being the main attraction of his career over the past year, the audience can’t help but see this shoe as the Achilles injury shoe.

Someone text me a pic of the Kobe 9’s today and I really thought that it was an insensitive  Photoshopped pic created to make fun of his injury…….

With that being said, I’m sure Kobe fans will love it.

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