How New Edition (minus Bobby Brown) Taught me to Handle Hard Times


Today it seemed I had every distraction that could possibly occur happened. I know this is because I made a commitment to post a blog up every Monday and Thursday. Even as I type people are trying to distract me from finishing this post. Despite the many excuse-worthy events that happened I am sticking to my still brand new mission to blog consistently.

One of the events had to do with someone losing their job without notice. As I listened to the whole situation it seemed they almost wanted to wallow in the terrible feeling of rejection. They were continuously replaying what was and wasn’t said and what did or didn’t happen. They kept calling friends to tell them about the situation, saying things like “I just feel lost” and “I don’t know what I’m going to do”. As I was offering what little help I could as it related to knowing things about unemployment and searching for a new job, it seemed this person was distracted by wanting to still stay in a “stuck” mind frame.

I have definitely not always been the most positive person in the world and I’m probably still not. I also don’t claim to have all of the answers to life’s problems, but one thing I have learned that can either make or break you in difficult situations is….


I was watching an Eric Thomas video on this topic and he quoted a line from an old 90’s song….

Sunny days, everybody loves them, tell me baby can you stand the rain? – New Edition

Not only is that a great song (Johnny Gill had joined the group by then, no Bobby); it’s also a profound statement. We learn the best lessons, experience the most growth, and have the biggest revelations during the rain, when things don’t look so great. Without those hard times we wouldn’t experience the break through.

What I want the person who helped to inspire today’s post and anyone reading is that unless you change your mind set to a positive, forward moving one , you’re going keep getting the same negative results.

Even though you can’t see the future due to the rain in front of you, there is blessing that can only be achieved by being caught in and walking through the rain.

Whether or not you read the Bible doesn’t change the lesson in this story….

This story is about Joseph whose brothers were jealous of him. They threw him into a pit and sold him as a slave. This sounds like a terrible place to be in; betrayed by your own flesh and blood, and then sold to strangers to do whatever they please with you.

But if you keep reading you’ll see that Joseph ended up becoming a servant to the king of Egypt. He eventually gave him rule over all of the country and just as much authority as the king himself. Then famine hit the all of the land. However, because of Joseph Egypt had plenty of resources and is able to save the lives of the surrounding nations. He ends up saving the very bothers that sold him, as well as the rest of his family.

Had he never been thrown in the pit he would’ve never been in the position to save his family’s life. Without having been in the lowest, darkest, point in his life, he would have never had opportunity to step into the great plans God had for his life.

As I restructure my brand I face a lot of obstacles, setbacks, naysayers, unbelievers, and just straight haters. It’s important for me to remember that neither the present reality nor other people’s view of me dictates my future. I don’t have to have all of the answers, but neither do they and as I gathered from the ET video…..

Perception should be used as GPS to see where I’m going even when I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get there.

Lesson: Change your perception

  • Stop seeing yourself as a victim – you’re in control not your problems
  • God is bigger than your problems – He has a plan for your life and is isn’t to be a failure
  • In every pain there’s a gain (ET) – Don’t always see issues negatively, use them to grow
  • Just because you can’t see through the rain doesn’t mean the road stops – The street is still there, so keep driving

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