Why Sneaker Collectors Should Run the World


It can be hard to explain collecting sneakers to people who have absolutely no interest in shoes. You tend to sound like an obsessive, nit-picky, child to the “others”. When they find out how much your shoes cost, they make it seem as though they saw you drop a million dollar check down the sewer just to watch it swim. When we’re researching the release date and color options of a shoe we had when we were 13 that costs over $100 we seem to have no sense of priorities.

I’m not even going to say there are no truths to some of non-collectors theories about us sneaker connoisseurs. After all we do see most shoes as a tangible connection to our childhood, which in turn means there’s a level of childhood we want to hold on to. So, it’s not that far of a stretch to think that we just don’t want to grow up.

However true or untrue these assumptions may be, there are quite a few lessons the “others” could learn by putting a little more sneak in their think.

Yes, I’m saying that SneakThink is a better way of viewing world. I’m willing to go as far as to say that thinking like a sneaker collector could help to make the world a better place (don’t laugh, I’m serious).

Wondering what SneakThink is exactly?

It’s a super dope word I just made up, but I’ll explain what it is by breaking down a few reasons why everyone should adapt this way of thinking…

Quality – We have the utmost respect for high quality. We prefer soft, pebble grain, leather over PVC leather (if you don’t have to Google that to know what I’m talking about you’re one of us). We appreciate the time and effort it takes to create something. We notice and appreciate when the customer service is above average. The fact that you chose to hand wrap our birthday gift with the kind of bow you tied yourself instead of a using a gift bag with the sticky back bow stands out to us. This is why we don’t throw away the super nice packaging to a product we bought last year.

How different would things be if everyone appreciated high quality the way sneaker collectors do?

20130114-60-seconds-free-mcd-japan-tweet1McDonald’s workers might actually take the time to actually align the bun cheese and patty on top of one another like Spongebob making a Crabby Patty (this isn’t a good case against not growing up). I mean really…. How hard is it to make sure the cheese and meat is actually in the center of the bun?

Detail – The quality argument extends directly into the fact that appreciating good quality means we pay attention to detail. We can see when the Nike sweatshop factory worker used too much glue on the sole because it dried on the midsole, and we’d prefer not to buy that pair. We can tell the difference between fire red, varsity red and true red which means we notice when your complimentary items (shirts, shorts, socks etc.) are made without considering the difference between fire red, varsity red, and true red.

Every business is looking for a detailed oriented employee… What if mentioning to the hiring manager that you collect sneakers gave you leverage over other applicants because they knew that it meant you actually care about details?

Authenticity – Paying attention to details means we can spot a fake from a mile away. There are so many areas where only accepting the authentic would cause a positive shift, but the first one that comes to mind is politicians. If those who make the decisions that affect our schools, neighborhoods, cities, states, and the country were examined the way we examine our kicks, it wouldn’t be so easy to throw any lying, opportunist, with hidden agendas into office.

Community – Applying these standards might seem like a lot to do. What makes it a little easier is the fact no one person does all of them alone. Through our common interest in sneakers collectors have established a community. This community, birthed through online forums, helps to keep the others informed and protected from frauds. If you need a ride to the next sneaker convention, just let the community know and a car pool will be set up. There are people who go as far as refusing to re-sell their shoes to a fellow citizen for too much over retail.

If we could all learn to support one other in the same way, how much better and safer could things be in school, on the job, or even at home.

Money – All of the above reasons are how we justify spending more money on shoes than other people do. We can spend that kind of money because we believe in what we’re buying after applying all the aforementioned filters to our decision making process.

The Economy – Since we believe in paying more for quality minimum wage would have already been in the double digits everywhere, because we don’t see jobs as worthless or worth less. Businesses wouldn’t mind paying the higher rates because our attention to detail makes us better workers; the best work makes more money…. and the cycle continues.

Life – If you put the kind of time and care that we put into guaranteeing we get the best sneakers into every single purchase and decision you make, you’d be just as confident as we are.



Think about it…

Your kids would only go to the best schools because you wouldn’t allow the school system to offer anything less than the best even if you had to put your own money on the line for it.

Let’s give you a super simple way of understanding this concept by modifying the sentence above…

____ would only have the best ____ because you wouldn’t allow anything less than the best, even if you had to put your own money on the line for it.

That’s SneakThink.


(I invented the term SneakThink. So, if you see anyone else using it without giving me credit….. They are biters)

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