You Can Be as Great as Michael Jordan…. really

I watch a lot of Eric Thomas videos on YouTube. He’s a motivational speaker and man of God who lives in his purpose of encouraging other to reach their potential and live their dreams. He wrote his second book called Greatness is Upon you, which released earlier this year and while I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet I was inspired to create a graphic related to the title.

Greatness-SketchOriginal Sketch

 I related the topic to Michael Jordan for obvious reasons, he’s the G.O.A.T. However, we can all be the greatest at whatever our particular skills, gifts, abilities are if we’re willing to have the same drive that led Michael and that continues to lead ET.

photo 4Greatness is Upon You – Finished Design

I’m not writing this necessarily because I feel I need to motivate others, although I hope that it does. I ‘m also writing this for myself. We all need a recharge or push or kick in the pants every now and then when we lose focus or get too relaxed. It’s just as easy to let good times keep you from striving for you goals as it is to let bad times knock you down. Neither are an excuse to not keep pushing to reach your dreams. Michael Jordan could have been still considered the greatest after 3 or 4 rings, but that didn’t stop him from pushing himself to play like he’d never gotten one.

So that’s all…. that’s the inspiration behind the design.

…… Also, Eric has a  conference with the same title happening October 3rd – 5th.


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