The Sneakerhead is Dead, but SneakThink is Alive and Way Better


I have said it many times…. I hate the word sneakerhead.

I use to use it. I use to claim to be one. I realize it used to have some sort of meaning and significance. It used to be a title that tied sneaker enthusiast together in our self-made community, but it’s no longer that at all. It’s turned into the essential tool to use for this new(ish) fad of hipster teens social network validation. Those are a lot of word that mean the new kids have ruined it.

Yes, I’m old, I won’t dispute that. Everything that originated with one generation but stays around long enough to evolve with a newer generation faces the possibility of being tainted in the eyes of the OG generation. I get that, but it’s not just being old.

The resellers, the higher prices and worse quality, the riots, the stick ups and so on. It’s all evidence of the deterioration of the culture.

Yeah, you’ve heard all of this before and you’ve said it yourself. What else is new?

What comes from the culture is what’s new….. well not new, but relevant. What comes from the culture is something I call SneakThink.

SneakThink contains the the qualities or elements that sneaker enthusiast bring to everything they do. I spoke a bit about this in a post where I justify why sneaker collectors should run the world. I plan make a better more comprehensive version of that post where you anybody whether they collect sneakers or not will be able to use the concepts and apply them to their  lives too.

The first draft of the concept includes:

  1. Quality
  2. Detail
  3. Authenticity
  4. Community
  5. Money
  6. Economy (which I might just include in money)
  7. Life (this might have a different name in the final draft)

While the final draft might not look exactly like the above list, this gives you some idea of the direction I’m headed in. Please feel free to offer suggestions on what you think SneakThink should consist of.

The complete version is coming soon…

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