How The 2015 Nike Air Mag’s Should Be Released


The continuous rumor both before and after their 2011, eBay only, release is that the Air Mag’s will release in the year 2015 keeping in line with the date in Back to the Future II… Sneaker News has even gone as far as to say they believe that Nike will stay so faithful to the movies details that they will release on the date of September 8, 2015. Only time will tell whether or not any of these speculations have any bases in reality or if blogs are just letting their sneaker-geek imaginations run wilder than even Nike’s creative team.


I too am super excited about the possibilities of the Air Mag’s long awaited release and being one who loves creative marketing tactics I have let my marketing-geek imagination run wild as well.

First of all, I think Nike would love me on the Air Mag marketing team. I would make the release the biggest of the entire year of 2015. This isn’t a ridiculous idea considering it will have been 26 years in the making.

So, here’s my somewhat sketchy, but dope marketing campaign for the 2015 release of the Air Mag’s.

Back to the Future (1985) Advance

The movie would be re-released. All around the world we would once again be able to see Back To The Future II in theaters, which the way it was originally intended to be seen.

Movie Ticket

When you buy a pair you’ll get a free movie ticket to see the movie that inspired the shoe.


With this free Air Mag movie ticket you get a coupon for specially designed theater snack pack that features the movie’s futuristic version of a Pepsi bottle and 15” Pizza Hut pizza (not the dehydrated kind).

Without the purchase of the Air Mag’s the BTTF2 Snack Pack is something you have to pay extra for at the concession counter, while supplies last.


Each purchase gets you a Delorean Giveaway Code – Just type in your code on the contest portion of the Air Mag website to find out if you’ve won a brand new Delorean. And not just a regular Delorean (who would want that?), this is the tricked out movie replica Delorean with the flux capacitor and everything.

Packaging – Inside the box

1000x1000 176504_575510640729_1318761126_o back_to_the_future_marty_s_disappearing_family_by_tinchara-d5zsppw

  • An autographed picture of Michael J. Fox
  • Authentic Marty McFly license
  • A coupon for 15% off the complimentary orange vest available in affiliate stores
  • A hologram McFly family photo from the movie with Marty disappearing and reappearing
  • Your official certificate for supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s fight to end Parkinson’s through your purchase


The biggest Johnny Cupcakes fans know that he has an obsession with the back to the future movies. Back on 2009 he hosted a Back To The Future movie night and released t-shirt to go with it. So, there would be a limited edition Johnny Cupcakes shirt released to complement the Air Mag’s.


The Nike X Johnny Cupcakes X Back to the Future t-shirt would feature a design inspired by the song from the movie, Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry


Plus…… With the purchase of this limited edition shirt you’d get a free iTunes/Google Play download of Johnny B Good as a song and ringtone.

That’s all………… I think. Sooooooo Nike……. What’s good?

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