@Val_FRUITION is Acting Brand New


I’ve been holding off this post for no other reason than sheer procrastination…. I could say because it’s about someone I really admire I wanted it to be perfect so that’s why it took so long. It would be in the ball park of truth, but while I definitely admire this person, I should’ve started working on this as soon as I completed the design.

So now that I’ve put that confession out there, here is part 2 of the branding series….

Valerie Julian is Acting Brand New


I have to admit that I didn’t know who Valerie was until I was doing a little background research into the retail store she co-owns with Samantha Jo Alonso and Chris Julian (expect to hear more about them later), Fruition Las Vegas. This might seem like a bit of an over-kill to say this, but I think discovering the people behind this brand has been one of the single most revelatory and inspiring experiences I’ve had a it relates to faith and business. The more I learn about these individuals the more I’m inspired to continue to stay the course on my path in Christ.

Valerie embodies that which I aspire to be and not because she works in an industry I love. Her working in fashion is how I discovered her, but not necessarily the reason I admire her. There’s so much more than just the fashion. Everything she does is based in that fact that she knows her identity is not found in the clothes, occupation, or accomplishments. She knows that all she is and will continue to become is because of Christ in her life and it shows in everything she does and is involved in. It is not easy to be an unashamed Christian in the fashion world, but being confident in knowing who you are and whose you are allows you to do the seemingly impossible. These things are what inspired me to feature her in the Acting Brand New series.


Since I don’t know as much about Valerie as I did about Rick from the last feature, I started with what reminded me of fashion and design gaining my inspiration from one of my most favorite logos ever. It’s the design for the Victoria and Albert Museum London, the world’s largest museum of art and design. Not only is their logo dope, but they’ve featured fashion designers like Versace, Vivienne Westwood (the Pharrell hat), Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. The museums affiliation with fashion makes it perfect to work with.


Rather than use her full name I decided to use the nick name Val. She uses this name for little slogans which appear to be a part of her branding method. The one used most often is (VAL)uable. Seeing the bracketed style of text made we want to include that in the design process as well, which you’ll see further down.

Valerie Vintage CardShe released VAL-uable collectible cards back in 2013. I didn’t necessarily want to include the cards in the design of the actual logo, but I did want to use the concept in the presentation of the logo.


In the background of these cards is a letter V with the opening in the shape of a heart. Seeing that logo and knowing that Valerie’s gang sign of choice is heart hands convinced me that I needed to incorporate this V-heart in my design.

Bodini logos


fruition-las-vegas-logoI knew I wanted to work with a Bodoni-ish type of text. I chose this text because I’ve been reading Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle forever and all of these fashion magazines use Bodoni (or something really similar) for their logos. It’s pretty much synonymous with fashion, especially high end fashion. Fruition even uses a form of the text in their own logo so, it’s perfect.


Once I added up all of these elements up; the heart, Bodoni, Victoria & and Albert logo, and the signature [Val] brackets I came up with this design.


Val_uable-Logo-Card Logo-only-Doll-PhotoVal-Branding-Identity

Here’s a bonus video for obvious reasons…

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