Happy New Year/Birthday: 2015 Already Started


I didn’t do a birthday post because I was pretty busy over the holidays and my birthday is very close to Christmas. So I’m going to combine my birthday post into my New Year’s post. So, Happy New Birthday! It’s actually really fitting because for me the year 2015 has already begun in the sense that being 30 years old is a new beginning for me. In all honesty a “new beginning” can be any time you want it to be, it’s a mindset, not necessarily a date. However, 30 is when the life you’re destine to live starts to come into fruition based on the path you’re on and choices you make. So I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store for 2015.

In 2014 these things happened….

  • I didn’t release any Tecknicolor shirts or designs
  • I took entirely too long refocus my brand
  • I started blogging more consistently
  • I only bought two pairs of sneakers
    • They were both Jordan 11’s
  • I started taking more freelance design jobs
  • I learned the art of business proposals
  • I took several marketing courses
  • I read the Bible more than business books
  • I learned to let people who don’t really want my help float on their own and feel alright about it
  • I discovered a YouTube personality obsession
  • I gained a traveling partner
  • I learned to adjust my management style
  • I gained a better understanding of the value of relationship building

So what do I plan to do with all of these pieces of 2014 insights?

I plan to do better.

I don’t really have any new year’s resolutions that I would consider to be major. Just as I said about new beginning beings a mindset, that’s what I have planned for 2015, a mindset I want to maintain throughout the entire year. However, there are some things I think fall in line underneath that mindset….

  • Keep God first – This is self-explanatory, but to elaborate little, my growth both personally and in business is directly connected to my relationship with Lord
  • Write/blog more – keep a journal of my progression so I can stay aware of what I am or am not doing to progress
  • Create a curriculum – More on this later
  • Create and keep a schedule – I’m terrible with time. I’m pretty sure I inherited the issue, but either way I need to makes sure I have set times to produce specific outcomes
  • Connect and stay connected – This is where the relationship value stuff comes in
  • Create value – Not everything one does or produces will be paid for in the monetary sense of being paid. There’s so much to gain in giving value for the sake of wanting to help someone else or show ones appreciation towards someone. Everyone has something to offer even if they haven’t figured out what it is yet
  • Travel more – I have a homie who loves to travel and has inspired me to get from in front of this screen and take in the sights and sounds of the world around me

Those are some tangible and measurable goals, but as I said I’m more concerned with the mindset I have throughout the year. I don’t even know who reads this thing, but if you have some goals you plan on accomplishing or a mindset you want to maintain in 2015, let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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