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So I bought some RUN DMC glasses recently and I love them. It all started when I found this vintage looking, RUN DMC tee at T.J. Maxx for like $8. After that I was on this hunt to complete the look for reasons that escape me now. I couldn’t find white shell toes with black stripes in the stores for some reason and even though I have a couple pair, I’ve already customized them all. So I didn’t really get the total look I was going for, but I love my glasses entirely to much.

My glasses are Gazelle’s, a cheap knock off of the orginal RUN DMC shades by Cazal (even though everyone pronounces it with a ‘G’). Yeah, that’s right, I said mine are fake; don’t judge me. The real ones are vintage and called 607’s. They can cost anywhere from $200 – $400 a pair……So, I won’t be getting the real deals anytime soon.

I would like to get a Tecknicolor: Gazelle Pic campaign going to see how many people we can get to send pics me of themselves in these fly glasses. Who’s down?


  1. yo dude wuzzup?

    Just wondering where did you get those fly glasses? I mean I need the fake ones too.. ‘Cause the other ones coast to hell much;p

  2. YO!!!i NEEDS those glasses!! where from?

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