Pick Your Own Price – Sale Extension

Cyber-Monday-2013The PYOP sale has been extended through Cyber Monday, becuase it just wouldn’t make sense for an online store to not honor an online sale day tradition. So you are still able to get any shirt in the online store for any price you submit over $10. In case you’re not willing to click into the online store to check what’s available…just scroll and click which ever one you like. Leave your offer, size and email in the comments or email it to tecknicolorsales@gmail.com and I will invoice you. Sizes are limited for some designs.

All Gold Everything MockupOlympic Edition 1

Stacks & Stripes MockupOlympic Edition 2

SB Elite 2 Color MockupLebron South Beach

CM 12 Steps Mock UpPlayoff 12′s

Final - Concord Cola Mock UpConcord 11′s

Thor Four Tecknicolor Mock up1-11-12Cement 4′s

Dumbo-Cement Mock Up Tee UpdatedCement (elephant) 3′s

Looney-Dreams-Final-Grey-MockBugs Bunny 8′s

Sheep-Haring-13-Blk-MockupHe Got Game 13′s

Dreaming-Grape-Mockup-(update)Grape 5′s

Bred 11 SALE MockupBred (all Bred sneakers)

All Bred Sneakers

Pick Your Own Price Sale

Black-Friday-2013I’m working on some rebranding for Tecknicolor and to move forward I really need to rid myself of all this extra inventory. So, to give the process a push I’m offering the PICK YOUR OWN PRICE SALE for Black Friday (and the weekend). This is really simple. I’m accepting any offer over $10 and nothing less. You can leave a comment here with the name of the item from the online store, along with your email, size and offer. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving that info in the comments you can email your offer to tecknicolorsales@gmail.com. If you offer is accepted you will receive a Paypal invoice and your items will be shipped beginning this week, December 2nd. This offer will end Sunday at midnight or while supplies last.

Dreaming Grape Tee Contest!

Dreaming-Grape-Mockup-(update)I don’t do contests too often, but due to the response I’ve gotten about the Grape tee I’ve decided to give everyone a shot and getting one for free. The contest is already in progress, but the winner won’t be announced until May 13th so there’s plenty of time to enter.

photoRules: Complete ALL 3 steps

1. Follow me on Instagram: @Tecknicolor or Tumblr

2. Repost the contest post and tag me @Tecknicolor with the hashtag #dreaminggrape and your Facebook name and t-shirt size.

3. Like the Facebook page

That’s it, the winner will be announced on the 13th.

Brand: Quality VS Quantity & Convenience

steve-jobs-home-run-quality-quoteI got a message on my ebay site today asking why shipping was so high for the Tecknicolor X Breezy Hampton bracelets. First off, I don’t think $5 is high for shipping, so I’m not exactly sure what the real basis behind the question is. However, I’m always open to constructive criticism and I like when challenges arise,  because I see them as opportunities to get better and work smarter.

photo1gg photo2benI responded and after I did I realized that the reason I gave was one that needs to be emphasized more in my branding/marketing/advertising efforts. I’ve blogged about it and featured pics on social networks about my packaging, but I don’t know if I’ve actually ever explained why the amount of energy I put into the small details are so important.

photojun22181445It’s pretty simple really. You can buy a shirt (a bracelet in this guys case) from anyone. So, why choose to buy mine? What makes my product better than any other persons? I believe the answers to those questions cane make or break a brand. I don’t want to just have random customers who liked a design once upon a time, that’s not conducive with a lasting brand or brand loyalty. I want people to know that I’m always thinking of ways to give them a better product and the best experience with Tecknicolor.

photoaug10162249To show the appreciation I have for people believing in Tecknicolor enough to spend their hard earned cash on it I go the extra mile in my packaging and presentation. Everybody loves getting gifts and I want my customers to feel like it’s Christmas every time they open up a package from Tecknicolor. Most often each shirt comes in packaging that matches the theme of the shirt and usually includes some sort of gift or souvenir. Impersonal business is old school and not very relevant in this day and age. So, I also include hand written letters to each and every person that purchases something from the brand. photomar20170333I run this business with little to no help from anyone else. It’s just me investing the time, money and effort into making Tecknicolor a success. So, this seemingly elaborate form of packaging is a lot of work and takes more time to get shipped out than if I just threw a shirt in an envelope, but it’s worth it. The response I get back from customers is astounding and has allowed me to gain loyal customers who keep coming back for the high quality service that is missing in a lot of today’s businesses.

So, to answer that question about the $5 shipping cost, the value encased with the shirts I ship out is much grater than the actual price of the shirt or shipping. Purchasing from Tecknicolor is more than just paying for a shirt, it’s paying for a brand experience like no other and I hope that you all appreciate the extra effort.

A Dreaming Grape – Jordan “Grape” 5′s

Dreaming-Grape-Mockup-(update)I’m doing much better at keeping up with release dates these days and that includes the Jordan 5′s coming out on the 4th, known as the grapes. These shoes are definitely a hyped shoe, with one their most notable appearances being on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I was so glad the young kids weren’t successful at renaming them the Fresh Prince’s. They tend to not know the origin of the sneakers they seek after, which is another topic entirely. However, it’s always cool to watch one one of your favorite shows and see some of your favorite sneakers in OG form.

tumblr_mkwpx7Z64z1qhd0yjo1_500I absolutely LOVE this design. You may or may not have noticed that I kind of have a thing for design parodies and when the concept arose to parodize (yes, that’s a word now) Bape, I got excited. As you can see Sheepy has become Shape? Baby Shilo? I don’t think any of those names are clever, but he’s been redesigned in Bape like form. He’s rocking the 5′s and is joined by his friend Grape. There really isn’t much more to it than that. It’s simple, to the point, and up for presale in the store right now.


cd-coverRemember when the Bape characters were everywhere beginning with Pharrell’s first solo project, In My Mind? Well I found a Bape character generator if you would like to relive that time in honor of the new tee. Go get Baped here


Looney Dreams: Retro Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny’s

Looney-Dreams-Final-Grey-MockOn April 20th the Retro Jordan 8′s known as the “Bugs Bunny’s” or the “Hares” are dropping. These are actually one of of the very first Jordans I remember and believe it or not, I didn’t like them. However, I didn’t like very many Jordan’s at all back then. It was 1993, I was like 8 years old and my cousins bought them, but I wasn’t interested. I believe I was actually rocking some Diamond Turfs at the time. Things have changed since then, not only do I like this shoe I believe it’s a staple in sneaker history.

The one thing that keeps bothering me is that everyone keeps saying Bugs Bunny wore these in Space Jam, but I don’t remember that. I’m not saying they’re wrong, I just don’t remember it. I remember this commercial with the Looney Tunes in it in 93 and I know that the movie, Space Jam, came out in 96 back when Mike was wearing number 45. I’m not sure how those two separate events intertwined or if they ever did, but I feel like there’s a mix up somewhere. Either way, Bugs Bunny did wear them in the 90′s so the name is accurate.

Jordan VIII Bugs

j8smarsI feel like I’ve missed the purpose of the post…..So, above is the newest tee from Tecknicolor which is a compliment to the Bugs Bunny 8′s. It features Sheepy, the Tecknicolor mascot re-designed as a Bugs Bunny look-a-like, teeth and all. The text reads “Looney Dreams”, keeping in line with the always consistent dream theme of Tecknicolor and “That’s a Tecknicolor Story Folks” at the bottom of the tee. You will get more news about the re-branding “story” theme that has been oozing it’s way throughout the site and designs in a later post.

It’s currently up for presale in the online store right now.

End of Year Sale: $20 T-shirts!

I want to clear out all 2012 merchandise and make room for 2013 inventory. So here’s the best Tecknicolor deal to date: All t-shirts are $20 (excluding the BRED tee). You’ll never get these shirts for this price again. I’m going to decide how long to run the promotion, so the closing date is TBA. Don’t miss out on this deal!

Jordan 11 BRED Presale: 12.1.12

Well it’s the special time of year again. Yes, the time of year when Nike releases some colorway of the ever so sought after Jordan 11′s (oh and it’s getting close to Christmas too). This time they’ll be released on December 21st in Black and red, which is why they are affectionately knowm as the BRED’s to those of us within sneaker culture. That is why I chose to do a bakery theme for this tee. If the concept of the shirt isn’t already clear…….Sheepy is the head baker at the underground Tecknicolor Dreamer’s Market, where we bake BRED and dreams fresh daily, but only in limited amounts. The shirt goes up for presale on December 1st and will be shipped within the same week as the Jordan release date (the 21st).

Light Bulb Cloud

The Nuit Blanche arts festival is held in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. This year they revealed an interactive piece, created by Caitlind Brown. It looks like a giant rain cloud and people can turn off the lights as they please with the the typical pull strings. The could is made of over 6,000 incandescent light bulbs, over 5,000 of which were recycled blown out bulbs that were donated through their website.

This reminded me a lot of Tecknicolor. When I first started out my logo was a cloud with lots of colors and it encompassed, a concept I still have today of encouraging people to pursue their dream, therefore Dreaming in Tecknicolor.

Watch the development process here @ CLOUD

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