There are very many people who I find fascinating online. However, my BFF  says I stalk people online. I’m willing to accept that (only on certain days though), but in my defense (as I stated in a previous post) these networking sites have made it appealing to know about what’s going on with people and lets not even get started on blogs. Twitter in particular has taken it to a whole new level and I think I like it. So with that being said, I would like to introduce you to a few people I “follow”, because stalk is such an ugly word.

sfinstore5Calvin of BKc San Fransisco

big_Don Lemon01Don Lemon of CNN

peeweebile_outsideJohnny Cupcakes

Duncan Quinn GuyEbenezer – This dude had a very interesting story about how he got his dream job from this pic, but I’ve yet to get the whole story.

vash1Va$htie (I don’t feel like naming all the crap she does)

those girls are wildAndrea Lewis  & Shannon Boodram of Those Girls are Wild. I just discovered these two. I really can’t say I know their purpose, but the blog is great. I go for goofy any day.

sefitpicThe Street Etiquette guys. For a descriptions click here.

jpsnoavatarJason Pollock. He’s the director of the documentary, The Youngest Candidate, which I posted about a while back. His tweets are actually really interesting.

There’s probably more but this will do for now.

Black in America 2

blackinamerica copy

If your not watching Black in America 2, you need to start. It’s part two of a  CNN special that aired for the first time last year. It got such huge ratings and great feedback that it’s back this year and it’s just as good, if not better than, last year. The host Soledad O’Brien interviews African Americans from all different walks of life; from the affluent and well connected to the struggling high school student. Through these people’s experiences, the show examines situations and conditions that millions of black people face everyday. I absolutely love the show and I hate it if I miss an episode. It’s a very interesting, informative and inspiring program that you should definitely tune into.