Mayer Hawthorne

I love when I discover a new artists (real artist)! It’s like a mini version of Christmas in my ears……

So Alicia Keys tweeted about this guy a few months ago and I listened to it and thought oh that’s cool and old school. I totally forgot about the song, the guy, and whatever I had listened to until I was searching through my video history on my iPhone and found it again. I must have been out at the time I listened to this on my phone because¬† that’s the only way I would’ve over looked this dude. He’s Mayer Hawthorne and his style is straight out of the Detroit based Motown days of the 50′s and 60′s. I have to explain that I am a HUGE fan of Motown music. I have spent countless hours looking up “forgotten” Motown artists and reading up on Motown history. I also have a mild obsession with all things vintage (hence the name Tecknicolor) including music; my iPod is full of everything from Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra. Well, as I was looking Hawthorne up I discovered he’s from MI too! It doesn’t’ get any better than that; so this guy has become one my new favorite artists. I’m going to have to see him live next time he’s in town.

This track, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”, was released on a red heart-shaped 7 inch vinyl single. Since Hawthorne is also a DJ, I’m sure he was paying homage to the originator of the heart-shaped vinyl, Bobby Caldwell. He released the single “What You Won’t Do For Love” on a 10 inch heart-shaped vinyl, which my oldies loving aunt owns. I now think¬† that heart-shaped vinyl is the coolest thing ever.

Melanie Fiona

I love it when Canadians have soul! My friend put me up on this new artist and I’ve been listening to songs by Melanie Fiona for a few months now, via you tube. She just recently released the official video for “Give it to me Right” which is what I assume to be the first single off of her upcoming album “The Bridge”. The album was due to be released this spring but has been pushed back and should be out this summer. I really like this single because it puts a new spin on a sample (Time of the Season – The Zombies) that is totally overused in the motion picture industry, but has really never been heard, to my knowledge, in the r&b-ish (I hate categorizing¬† music) realm of the music industry. Besides this being a good song, she can really sing; which we can all appreciate since that isn’t something that is a requirement for the industry.