A Dreaming Grape – Jordan “Grape” 5′s

Dreaming-Grape-Mockup-(update)I’m doing much better at keeping up with release dates these days and that includes the Jordan 5′s coming out on the 4th, known as the grapes. These shoes are definitely a hyped shoe, with one their most notable appearances being on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I was so glad the young kids weren’t successful at renaming them the Fresh Prince’s. They tend to not know the origin of the sneakers they seek after, which is another topic entirely. However, it’s always cool to watch one one of your favorite shows and see some of your favorite sneakers in OG form.

tumblr_mkwpx7Z64z1qhd0yjo1_500I absolutely LOVE this design. You may or may not have noticed that I kind of have a thing for design parodies and when the concept arose to parodize (yes, that’s a word now) Bape, I got excited. As you can see Sheepy has become Shape? Baby Shilo? I don’t think any of those names are clever, but he’s been redesigned in Bape like form. He’s rocking the 5′s and is joined by his friend Grape. There really isn’t much more to it than that. It’s simple, to the point, and up for presale in the store right now.


cd-coverRemember when the Bape characters were everywhere beginning with Pharrell’s first solo project, In My Mind? Well I found a Bape character generator if you would like to relive that time in honor of the new tee. Go get Baped here


End of Year Sale: $20 T-shirts!

I want to clear out all 2012 merchandise and make room for 2013 inventory. So here’s the best Tecknicolor deal to date: All t-shirts are $20 (excluding the BRED tee). You’ll never get these shirts for this price again. I’m going to decide how long to run the promotion, so the closing date is TBA. Don’t miss out on this deal!

Jordan 11 BRED Presale: 12.1.12

Well it’s the special time of year again. Yes, the time of year when Nike releases some colorway of the ever so sought after Jordan 11′s (oh and it’s getting close to Christmas too). This time they’ll be released on December 21st in Black and red, which is why they are affectionately knowm as the BRED’s to those of us within sneaker culture. That is why I chose to do a bakery theme for this tee. If the concept of the shirt isn’t already clear…….Sheepy is the head baker at the underground Tecknicolor Dreamer’s Market, where we bake BRED and dreams fresh daily, but only in limited amounts. The shirt goes up for presale on December 1st and will be shipped within the same week as the Jordan release date (the 21st).

All Gold Everydream in White

I’ve had more than a few people request the All Gold Every Dream shirt in white. This is probably due to the fact that I originally designed it in white and posted that version on the site as the color I didn’t use. Well, now it’s really being printed. Aside from the requests, and the fact that the navy color sold out much faster than expected (there’s only one left at the time of this post), there are also several Gold themed shoes releasing on September 29th.

Nike Zoom KD IV “Gold”

Nike LeBron X+ Sports Pack “Gold Medal”

Nike Kobe Zoom VII “Gold”

Nike Hyper Dunk “Gold”

If you love any of these shoes, America, or gold this is the shirt for you. The shirt is up for presale right now in the store and ships the week of October 4th.

The shirts are in……FINALLLY!

I know you have all been waiting patiently. The day has finally come the All Gold Every Dream tees are finally finished being reprinted and are in my possession. My printing company was super cooperative with me and the whole process. They made sure all of the details were attended to correctly. I’m EXTREMELY particular when it comes to my designs. I want everything to come out perfectly and I’m sure that gets annoying, but it’s how I am about my designs and a few other things in my life that bring out the obsessive compulsive part of my personality.

I actually almost didn’t keep these shirts do to a terrible lighting situation. I never check the coloring of my tees indoors, only in the daylight. Apparently the trees in my neighborhood make for terrible lighting. Me and my overly particular self, decided they weren’t the right color gold and had started the return process, when my dad suggested I take the tees out to the mall to check them against some other shirts as well as the Olympic sneakers. I never actually made it to the mall, once I got in the car and saw the shirt in the light as we went along I realized and called back to resend my refund decision.

So from this point forward the presale is over. All of these shirts that are purchases will be shipped out the same week they’re ordered. So continue to support the Olympics or USA or your sneaker obsession with this commemorative tee.

Thanks for you guys patience and shout out to VGKids for making it all better :) Support Local Business.

All Gold Every Dream Olympic Shirt

While the Stacks & Stripes shirt is getting ready to be delivered next week, there are several Olympic sneaker releases coming out throughout the summer. That is why there is yet another Olympic inspired design. While this shirt will be shipped out around the time of the Retro Jordan Olympic 7′s, it’s design is not dependent on you owning those shoes. Much like the last tee, the All Gold Every Dream shirt’s design is universal enough to stand alone. Anyone, sneaker lover or not can purchase this tee to show support for team USA during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

This design was actually re-done. I felt the the original design, although simple, effective and to the point, was too much like what I saw other brands doing. I designed it months ago, but I hadn’t released it yet and then I began to see other designs much too similar. I’m not blaming anyone. It’s an obvious design direction to take when considering an Olympic graphic. So, I moved on to plan B.

At first I was going to use a white tee; Not becuase I thought it through, but because it’s my go to color for all of my designs. After staring at it and thinking it over I decided to go with a navy shirt. I’m always a little apprehensive to choose color shirts, becuase I’m a little too particular when it comes to the sneaker to shirt match up. However, with this shirt being for team USA, I’m not as concerned with the shade of navy since it’s not totally dependent on one sneakers design…….Oh and navy blue is also my favorite color.

The design is a parody on the famous Jay-Z phrase, “All Black Everything”. I saw this concept used for the first time on an Undrcrwn shirt for the Retro Cool Grey Jordan 11′s and I thought it was genius. I’ve actually attempted to use it some way on several shirt designs in the past, it just didn’t come across the right way. I didn’t want to use the whole phrase though. With Tecknicolor being a dream driven brand, I felt it only made sense for “Everything” to become Every Dream. So it reads ALL GOLD EVERY DREAM in gold text. This can have so many meanings, but here are the ones I was thinking of: The”American Dream” is as valuable as Gold, the Dream Team is a Gold medalist team, each of our dreams should be chased after like the Olympic gold medal. The shirt also features the Tecknicolor sheep cutout logo as the Olympic rings in white, red, and metallic silver.

I know the obvious design direction would be the basketball Team USA logo, but I couldn’t bare to even try to do yet another version of that design. I can’t count the number of those designs I’ve run across in the past 5 years.

Enough already.

This is Nike’s Dream Team Pack. The shirt can go with any pair.

The shirts are up for presale now and will be shipping June 24th.

The Sneaker Fund: How Much is Spent & Where it’s Going

We sneaker collectors drop anywhere between $160 and $300 per shoe on average, if purchasing at retail, and sometimes more if you happened to miss the release date or the shoe has been overly hyped. Even though the average collector buys more than 1 pair of shoes a month, lets just go with a low number, and say you only spend money on shoes once a month. The median amount is $230 per month. This is not to say that everyone buys sneakers every month, but this is hypothetical. Also, this and in recent years releases have been extremely close together,leaving no room for a breather. If we use these numbers, then on the low end the average collector spends $2760 a year on shoes. Not only do you spend it, but many (not all) of us go out of our way to spend it. This often means lack of sleep, camping out, spending even more money on gas to drive the preferred retailer, borrowing money, missing or the rearranging of bills and necessities, selling items (usually other sneakers) ect.

Nike doesn’t always release specific production numbers. So, based on the fact that Nike considers 10,000 – 15,000 to be limited numbers of a general release sneaker, I will assume that the average number of pairs is between 300,000 and 500,000 thousand in US. If we use the $23o number to calculate the amount spent on GR shoes on the lowest end of 300,000 pair (assuming they sellout), it comes to $69,000,000. Well, lets not even use $230. Lets go to the cost of an average pair of Jordan’s today $160 multiplied by 300,000 pair. This comes to $48,000,000.

Useless fact: $48 million is what LeBron James made in 2010.

It makes me wonder what could be done if the sneaker community took that money or maybe even a portion of that money and applied it to something greater. Something with more of a purpose than the enhancement of our shoe collections or getting pieces of nostalgia from our childhood and past enjoyable times. If this movement was accepted and executed collectively, what could be accomplished in a years time? A new sneaker company, a non-profit organization, a clothing line, a scholarship fund, a hardship fund? The number of possibilities of  just 25% 48 million dollars is insurmountable.

A lot of sneakerheads complain about the quality of shoes, the seemingly unfair release processes and quantities, the deterioration of the culture as a whole, the exploitation of it all, ect. However, they continue to purchase shoes. Well, even if none of these complaints existed, could there ever be a unified movement or goal within the culture to accomplish, especially if it required the same amount of money that sneakers require?

Even one step further than money. We as consumers dictate what products companies offer and the price point at which they offer them. The millions of dollars that go into marketing and consumer research is simply to find out what we need, what we want, what we’re willing to buy, and how much we’re willing to pay for it. You as the consumer can change things. However this only works if the consumers present themselves as a united front that threatens the profits and future success of their company. So if those numbers in the first paragraph are even half true and the community has a consensus about their wants and needs as a whole, why aren’t things changing to fit the consumers when they’re the only people the company must satisfy in order to stay viable and in business?

Maybe you don’t want lower prices. Maybe you feel the inflation fits the state of the economy and supply and demand. Perhaps you’d just like to see Nike show a little appreciation for your consistent support of their brand. This might come in the form of incentives reserved for loyal customers or the sneaker community, such as scholarships, apprenticeship programs, Innovation Kitchen tours. Maybe Nike could commit to assisting in the employment crisis; The very urban areas that support their business should benefit by having exclusive sneaker stores built in these areas, such as a Jordan Brand location (these don’t exist as of yet). I could come up with these ideas all day…..Inner city sports camps, product testing labs, real people in their marketing and ad campaigns, a sneaker culture run Nike magazine, tickets to Nike sponsored sporting event, tickets to events with Nike sponsored athletes, or even something as simple as 1 free pair of limited release sneakers for every 10 pair of shoes purchased.

The goal of this post is to start more dialog, not complaining, but productive dialog that leads to brainstorming, that leads to viable solutions to the sneaker over-hype crisis, we’ve all been seeing going on this year. If Nike’s got to do better, then we’ve got to do better, because it starts with us (you).