Mayer Hawthorne

I love when I discover a new artists (real artist)! It’s like a mini version of Christmas in my ears……

So Alicia Keys tweeted about this guy a few months ago and I listened to it and thought oh that’s cool and old school. I totally forgot about the song, the guy, and whatever I had listened to until I was searching through my video history on my iPhone and found it again. I must have been out at the time I listened to this on my phone becauseĀ  that’s the only way I would’ve over looked this dude. He’s Mayer Hawthorne and his style is straight out of the Detroit based Motown days of the 50′s and 60′s. I have to explain that I am a HUGE fan of Motown music. I have spent countless hours looking up “forgotten” Motown artists and reading up on Motown history. I also have a mild obsession with all things vintage (hence the name Tecknicolor) including music; my iPod is full of everything from Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra. Well, as I was looking Hawthorne up I discovered he’s from MI too! It doesn’t’ get any better than that; so this guy has become one my new favorite artists. I’m going to have to see him live next time he’s in town.

This track, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”, was released on a red heart-shaped 7 inch vinyl single. Since Hawthorne is also a DJ, I’m sure he was paying homage to the originator of the heart-shaped vinyl, Bobby Caldwell. He released the single “What You Won’t Do For Love” on a 10 inch heart-shaped vinyl, which my oldies loving aunt owns. I now thinkĀ  that heart-shaped vinyl is the coolest thing ever.

Ralph Lauren: A Lo-Life Style

Joshua Kissi from Street Etiquette put me up on this video, while having a discussion on what people from the “hood” used to wear back in the 90′s: Nautica, Polo, Perry Ellis, Timberland, Eddie Bauer and Tommy Hilfiger. I remember Wallabee’s and when Helly Hanson came on the scene, which seemed to be short lived. I can’t help but to think that the executives of Ralph Lauren, as well as the other mentioned brands, had to know about the subcultures created buy their brands. It’s pretty much their job to know these things, yet it is something that is almost never mentioned or acknowledged. Aside from Tommy Hilfiger, is seems that brands felt and still feel that embracing this particular demographic (inner city or urban youth) would diminish the prestige of their brand image. This isn’t a totally false concept, as Tommy Hilfiger had to revamp their brand image in the new millenium to pull themselves away from being considered a fad brand of pop culture’s urban scene. This video is about a whole underground culture that was built around the Polo brand, which is refered to as ‘Lo’ throughout the video. It’s very interesting and thought provoking to know that a brand that doesn’t acknowledge your existence can become your existence.


Check out the story here.

Missing Shoes: Nike Air Mission Chargers


Some people don’t believe that I’ve really been collecting sneakers since I was in, like, kindergarten. This is why I’m into vintage Nike’s (mainly basketball shoes) so much. I had the Nike Air Mission Chargers when I was in the third or fourth grade in 1994. My cousin (who was more like my brother), @MrForteFPC, had the black and I had the white. We always bought the same shoes, but if it was possible, we would get them in different colors. I usually got the white, because he claimed it was the girl color and then would want to wear them later. We had little sneaker cleaning sessions. We would get together with all of our cleaning supplies to clean our shoes and watch cartoons. Now that I think about it, I don’t think other kids our age were as into shoes as we were, with one exception who I may introduce in a later blog……The point is: I need these shoes again (preferably the white and blue)! Not only are they a great pair of vintage Nike’s, they have sentimental value. They’re a part of my list of needed vintage Nike’s that I should probably post one of these days.

Random Fact: I had to buy these shoes one size bigger than what I wore, because they ran small, on top of the fact that they had a strap. Now that I think of it it was probably because I actually tied my shoes back then (mom wouldn’t let me wear them untied or unstrapped).

Note: Because this shoe is so rare now, these are the best pics I could find of them and I barely found these.


Run DMC Shades




So I bought some RUN DMC glasses recently and I love them. It all started when I found this vintage looking, RUN DMC tee at T.J. Maxx for like $8. After that I was on this hunt to complete the look for reasons that escape me now. I couldn’t find white shell toes with black stripes in the stores for some reason and even though I have a couple pair, I’ve already customized them all. So I didn’t really get the total look I was going for, but I love my glasses entirely to much.

My glasses are Gazelle’s, a cheap knock off of the orginal RUN DMC shades by Cazal (even though everyone pronounces it with a ‘G’). Yeah, that’s right, I said mine are fake; don’t judge me. The real ones are vintage and called 607′s. They can cost anywhere from $200 – $400 a pair……So, I won’t be getting the real deals anytime soon.

I would like to get a Tecknicolor: Gazelle Pic campaign going to see how many people we can get to send pics me of themselves in these fly glasses. Who’s down?