I’m Still Alive

Missing_promo_TitlecardSorry for being MIA recently, but I’ve been in deep, learning, research and reflection mode as it relates to many things, as well as for my brand. It’s been a great experience. I’ve been discovering and learning a lot about business, branding, design, marketing etc and it has led me to the realization of which direction I want to move forward in with Tecknicolor. I’m not going to give away all of the details yet (like I really need to wait any longer) becuase it’s still in the making and some things are still being worked out. However there will be changes and they will be for the better.

overpriced kciksOne hint about what to expect from the brand is, that I’m very much disgusted with the declining state of sneaker culture today. I realize things change and evolve and I’m not saying I hate resellers, I actually appreciate a good hustle. However, what I can’t get with is the devaluing of sneaker collecting, the poor ethics, the rape prices, the lack of customer appreciation, and the lack of knowledge about the shoes on your feet while calling yourself a sneakerhead.

You’ll see small changes leading into big changes over the next few months and the current products will remain for sale in the store until the full revamp is complete.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Nike’s Cheap Version of Air Mission’s

Air Mission GSIf you’ve ever read this blog before you’d know that I’m a huge fan of 90′s Nike’s. More specifically I’m a huge fan of the OG Air Mission’s, Junior Seau’s official sneaker. I was extra excited when I read that they were finally going to be retroed… Then came the pics, putting a slight damper on my excitement. The GS version of the sneaker (which is what I wear) doesn’t feature the original sole. The sole is the same as the retro Diamond Turf II’s. Once again small feet get no love and have to settle for lesser quality or nothing. We willingly pay full price for a half done shoe, while Nike saves a few extra bucks. Eh.

Air Mission MensThis is what they should look like, IN ALL SIZES.

Are the Kobe 9 Elite’s a Joke?

217949-3-007.psdI understand that Kobe must have a shoe that will compliment his physical capabilities, but not every single aspect of a players career needs to be represented or emphasized in their sneaker design. Capitalizing on Kobe’s Achilles sutures, from his surgery, as a key selling point for a basketball shoe is not a good idea.

I honestly believe that Nike was attempting to use strengthening of the ankles as the focal point of this sneaker, which makes perfect sense for a basketball shoe. However, with Kobe’s injury being the main attraction of his career over the past year, the audience can’t help but see this shoe as the Achilles injury shoe.

Someone text me a pic of the Kobe 9′s today and I really thought that it was an insensitive  Photoshopped pic created to make fun of his injury…….

With that being said, I’m sure Kobe fans will love it.

Pick Your Own Price – Sale Extension

Cyber-Monday-2013The PYOP sale has been extended through Cyber Monday, becuase it just wouldn’t make sense for an online store to not honor an online sale day tradition. So you are still able to get any shirt in the online store for any price you submit over $10. In case you’re not willing to click into the online store to check what’s available…just scroll and click which ever one you like. Leave your offer, size and email in the comments or email it to tecknicolorsales@gmail.com and I will invoice you. Sizes are limited for some designs.

All Gold Everything MockupOlympic Edition 1

Stacks & Stripes MockupOlympic Edition 2

SB Elite 2 Color MockupLebron South Beach

CM 12 Steps Mock UpPlayoff 12′s

Final - Concord Cola Mock UpConcord 11′s

Thor Four Tecknicolor Mock up1-11-12Cement 4′s

Dumbo-Cement Mock Up Tee UpdatedCement (elephant) 3′s

Looney-Dreams-Final-Grey-MockBugs Bunny 8′s

Sheep-Haring-13-Blk-MockupHe Got Game 13′s

Dreaming-Grape-Mockup-(update)Grape 5′s

Bred 11 SALE MockupBred (all Bred sneakers)

All Bred Sneakers

Pick Your Own Price Sale

Black-Friday-2013I’m working on some rebranding for Tecknicolor and to move forward I really need to rid myself of all this extra inventory. So, to give the process a push I’m offering the PICK YOUR OWN PRICE SALE for Black Friday (and the weekend). This is really simple. I’m accepting any offer over $10 and nothing less. You can leave a comment here with the name of the item from the online store, along with your email, size and offer. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving that info in the comments you can email your offer to tecknicolorsales@gmail.com. If you offer is accepted you will receive a Paypal invoice and your items will be shipped beginning this week, December 2nd. This offer will end Sunday at midnight or while supplies last.

Lebron James T-shirt Contest

In honor of the release of the Lebron 11′s. Nike has a t-shirt contest for kids 5 – 12. The kids will win gear for their school and a trip to Miami to see Lebron and probably some other awsome stuff. I think this is a great idea and I’m glad Lebron luh da kids. However, as a t-shirt designer I definitely feel neglected. This feeling isn’t new of course, since I always feel neglected as a Nike consumer with a small foot and an inclination towards quality. If you’re a kids scouring the internet unsupervised and have ideas for a cool shirt you can  submit it, just go here nike.com/designlebronstee.

Supreme X Van’s Not-So-Bruce Lee Shoes

Supreme-Vans-Sk8-Hi-and-Authentic-Bruce-Lee-Preview-01Vans has collaborated with Supreme on a Bruce Lee themed pack that features the Sk8-Hi and Authentic’s. I don’t know why anyone thought it was a good idea to just throw pictures of Bruce Lee on some sneakers. This is Vans, the skateboarding brand that brought back the Classic Slip-On, a style of shoe that Bruce Lee was famous for wearing.

Bruce_Lee_prodYet, when they do a series dedicated to him they completely omit the one shoe that would’ve actually made sense in this pack. They should’ve taken a page out of Onitsuka’s book. They released the Tiger’s in the Official Bruce Lee store in limited numbers. Not only did the shoe have his signature on the back heel, it came with a free shirt!

onitsuke-bruce-lee-1You’re probably better off buying a pair of TOMS and writing his name on them.

Bruce Lee TOMSCredit: HB

What does Fake Gucci, Cam’ron, & Sneakers Equal?

Gucci Sneaker Shirt GreyAs I was doing research for an upcoming project I discovered these kids Gucci sneaker shirts. First of all I think this is a pretty well executed design that could’ve actually been a part of the adult line. However, I didn’t just see the concept that it was created because it’s a fun graphic tee that resonates with kids. I saw how it’s really a testament to how much the sneaker/street culture influences mainstream fashion and pop culture.

Gucci ForcesBack in the early 2000′s custom kicks were huge. So many people were trying to get themselves a pair of Gucci Air Force One’s. While I don’t think Gucci has ever sold or authorized the selling of their custom monogram fabric, it didn’t stop the trend from spreading like crazy. Gucci probably spent a lot of time suing as many people as they could find using their logo, but I don’t remember them ever releasing a sneaker t-shirt or anything that would’ve capitalized on the hype during the height of the monogrammed fad. It’s interesting that they’ve jumped on the bandwagon and released a sneaker shirt now, when this new wave of sneaker obsession has surfaced as a major trend.

Nick Cannon - Love Don't Cost a Thing(that’s actually Fendi in this pic, but you get the point)

It’s interesting because when we think of the stars winning in the sneaker trend right now, Gucci doesn’t come to mind. They’re trying to get a slither of the sneaker pie today, but If they had stopped fighting the Gucci sneaker obsession of the early 2000s, (they weren’t the only ones as you can see with Fendi) they could have possibly been among the leaders of, not only the sneaker craze, but also the return of the 2000 era’s trends that have been flooding the street wear scene lately.

Camron SocksThese custom Cam’ron Nike Elite socks were easily selling for over $100 on Ebay after the RIF-LA drop back in May

How much smarter it would’ve been for Gucci to have seen the hype as a compliment back then and cashed in on it. Even better…. how dope would it have been if they had gotten Cam’ron as an official spokesperson for their first ever street wear inspired line. Could you imagine the kind of Cam’ron products that would’ve have been released back in 2003?

Godly Camron JerseyThis tribute to Killa-Cam sold out the first week it was released, but they’ve restocked on Godly’s site

Camron Gucci VisorIf Gucci had seen the possibilities in the streets obsession with them back then, perhaps the song wouldn’t have been called Versace. Maybe they would’ve been the go-to company for all throwback Cam’ron gear in 2013 when it became popular again. Maybe they would have us scouring Ebay for an overpriced Cam’ron X Gucci original that’s been sold out for months. Maybe all these smaller brands would be, once again, copying them and the fashion standard they set. If Gucci had been smart they’d be one of the leaders of the sneaker and 2000s throwback trend. However, they weren’t so smart and now they’re just making a lame (and late) attempt at jumping on the sneaker fueled bandwagon with a couple of tees in kids that will probably never catch on. It never be worn by adults let alone celebrities…. and most importantly it will never be worn by Killa Cam

So what does Fake Gucci, Cam’ron and Sneaker equal? It should’ve equaled a great marketing campaign and millions of dollars.

Fila 95′s: The Original Grant Hill’s

Grant Hill 95sI can’t begin to explain the excitement that I felt when I looked at the internet buzz surrounding the re-release (I guess FILA tries to stay way from the word “retro”) of the Grand Hill 95′s. I had the low version of these shoes as a kid. The colorway was white black and red and even though it was a fashion faux pas, I would wear them with my Jordan 45 jersey (which I still have), not Grant Hill’s. Based on the full and detailed memory I have of my experience with the GH 95′s you can guess this has been one of my most sought after pair of sneakers for quite a few years.

fila-95-grant-hillIf you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my mini rant that was fueled when my extreme excitement for these shoes came crashing down. I realized (yes this was due to lack of keeping up) after the drop that the Grant Hills were not released in GS sizes. My ever so small feet have yet again been shunned by the sneaker industry that I both hate and love. So all I will be able to do is watch other enjoy the Granthillian bliss that is the 95′s (who decided to name them the year, they’re the Grant Hill 1′s), while I bask in my own self pitty/scour Ebay until I can find something that is available and feasible in my size.

Oh Fila why hast thou forsaken me!!!!!!!!! You can buy them in your size still and rub it in, just click the word Fila.

ABC Nightline’s Sneakerhead Segment

Nightline featured a segment that was supposed to introduce sneaker culture and its many fascists to the country. However, I really don’t like this segment. It’s great that sneaker culture got highlighted on a national level, but my issue is the light that the culture was shown in. We’re not all a bunch of resellers making $1500 on a pair of shoes. I understand that side of the sneaker world exists and I can respect another persons hustle to a degree, but I don’t want the public to think I’m sitting on thousands of dollars at any given time because they now associate sneakerheads with having lots of money. They mention the violence that has been associated with sneakers and that’s a valid point, but in the very same segment they claim sneaker heads are all making thousands of dollars. I think that was little irresponsible; The first problem is it just isn’t true, but the other is that they didn’t consider those of us who are actually in the culture and the kind of negative repercussions that could occur based on the idea that we all have money. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that.

Heskicks does a great job at summarizing what I believe is probably most sneaker collectors take on the segment. What do you think?