My name is Terrin. I’m the founder and marketing designer at Tecknicolor, a design agency that takes urban and pop culture references to create purpose focused brands that are designed to impact the community.


I use the sneaker industry’s techniques and concepts to design brands that are irresistible to their target audience.

Why Sneakers?

Sneaker culture is brand loyal, high price point, addictive, creative, and unique subculture of the, multi-billion dollar, sneaker industry, that has been relevant and thriving since the 1980’s. It’s the perfect blueprint to build a brand that has a generational impact through personal stories.

Who do we help?

Businesses, brands, projects, and events with a higher purpose than profit alone.


  • Purpose
  • Impact
  • Profit

Design Services

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Plans & Campaigns
  • Brand Story
  • Web Design

We design our own products too. These help to bring awareness to and support purposes and causes we believe in.